In memory of Zarathushtra and his bravery

"The" Achaemenid seal during the Iron age, valid in all territories of the SATRAP-based map, the courtesy of imperial Persian politics founded by Cyrus the Great, proudly displays applying bravery as an effective factor of governance by the command of Darius. See his impressive imperial seal above!

About the Persian horse footprint. Story telling or history intelligence transparency!

Gathas: Song 8.6

At that turn, in which I exist, You, Wise One, come with Your progressive mentality, dominion, and good mind, through the actions of which the living worlds are promoted by righteousness. Serenity explains to them the proper laws of Your intelligence which none can deceive.

In memory of the landlord of Jiroft, last armed rebellion & survivor of the Zand dynasty

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Tribute to survivors of the older Iranian dynasties

This blog provide contents about technology, business development and the triple Z anti corruption drives as well as tribute to survivors of the older Iranian dynasties. There is no influence of Ibrahimic religions, Hindus, Buddhist or Communist party worldwide in this blog.