SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an architectural approach to creating systems built from autonomous services.

The history of SOA gets back to the "Iron age" and the tradition of the comprehensive range of the ancient civilized services have survived and inherited to support the foundation of processes that are used in the exploration, treatment and trade at the present time.

"The" SATRAP-based map courtesy of Persian empire proudly displays applying SOA in governance.

Protecting and Enhancing Your Iranian Brands

There is more to calculating ROI than a simple equation. It can be affected by risk, time, and other factors—including whether your FDI team is agile when it comes to:

- Financial Institutes Transparency Services
- Technology and Science Parks Services
- Chambers of Commerce Merchant Services

Create reliability performance with intellectual property (IP) management and governance. Develop reliability Field Data Analysis and improvement efforts on the intellectual property (IP) management and governance. Direct the best Return on Investment (ROI) strategies by developing key performance indicators (KPI). Protect innovation through patents. Be aware of offensive and defensive competitive strategies through patent protection. Foster a culture of innovation and patent protection and obtain and enforce patents

Who can benefit from the FDI Technology Advisor
  • Presidents and CEOs
  • Corporate Directors
  • Executives responsible for
    - Finance,
    - Marketing,
    - Product Development,
    - Law and Regulatory Compliance
  • Executives in transition from a "bricks and mortar" based business to an IP-driven-business
  • In-house counsel engaged with the Board in IP business strategy
  • Private practice business advisors in law, accounting, licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Specialized senior personnel who advise corporations on:
    - intellectual property,
    - product development,
    - R&D investments,
    - technology transfer,
    - customer loyalty and
    - licensing

Foreign Direct Investment Technology Advisor:
FDI Technology advisors need to fulfill the promise that innovation is the key to the success and sustainability of a robust economy. They should realize what an organization should be doing to audit, measure, optimize, monetize and protect IP.

Priorities of FDI Exposition: FDI Consulting Firms are there to help companies to have embedded technology within their industrial zone architecture design. They also provide help for the development of cooperatives through unions, the healthcare professionals, IPA’s, EDO’s and Free Zone consulting firms to empower the qualitative FDI attractions with ICT projects.

They will run an organizational review for the new developments and new ICT strategy building for promotion and lead generation plus investor service attraction and aftercare solutions of technology partners.

SOA Governance Applied in Building Leadership Capability for Business Performance:

Planning the implementation of a SOA governance framework for business agility has been the most challenging goals for empires during centuries. At corporate level, a custom-made SOA governance and management method helps identify appropriate best practices, merged with your existing IT processes, to provide proper governance of the capabilities introduced with SOA. The end result is a project plan to create your organization's unique governance framework

Payoff Metric Categories — Balanced Multiple Objectives: There are various methods that can be employed in gathering qualitative and quantitative metrics from different sources such as sampling initial implementation data, sampling cross-sectional data, sampling longitudinal data, customer value, site visits and observation of the technology, study environment, questionnaires, interviews, prototyping and joint requirement planning.

IT and ICT Outstanding Value, Choose the Right Sequence of Contracts: Establishing harmonized spectrum and technology standards among different nations key to choose the right sequence of contracts to assist in maximizing investment and help minimize cost

- ICT and the sustainable competitiveness of cities
- The creation of competitive advantages for firms through driving sustainability
- The role of metrics in sustainability
- ICT and economic and social sustainability
- Sustainability and the role of chief information officers (CIOs)
- The evolving science of managing for sustainability
- Broadband as an enabler for economic sustainability
- Cloud computing and its economic effects, and
- Innovation in business models and policymaking

SOA Power: The ethical and fair outlook awaits everyone: People, Natural and Built Environments, SOA Partnership Models and Change Management Layers. Such context may include the business strategy preceding the investment; implementation factors such as firm culture, skill mix, incentive structure, and conflict resolution; or degree of product and process integration with IT and the extent of business process re-engineering (BPR).

Personal Touch, PARS IP Governance and Corporate Due Diligence: Find out how corporate culture impacts leadership success. Areas of innovation protected by patents, including the new non-traditional areas and the historic terms and identities that are keeping the media elites and strategist awake at night!

A key concept in Economics Security and Management

Ethical Approach of Lifting All The Sanctions on Iran, The Timeline

Global Effects and The Persian Strategic Response to good choices for investment includes: Energy and Mining, IT and ICT, Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Nano, Auto-Manufacturing, Electricity, Steel, Cement, Tourism and Transportation infrastructure.

Technology License Sell Events
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IT companies thrive in Iran because of a highly educated workforce, an environment of innovation, and low business costs.

The context of IT investment provides insights into the competitive environment, leading to a method for measuring IT payoff. Such contextual information can also assist in determining the granularity of the data needed for analysis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

FDI Consulting Firms are always interested to cooperate with import-export agencies with plans for expanding educational facilities and service business in sustainable development market sector in particular the small industries and industrial parks organizations.

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Courtesy - Destination Space, The In-house Fuel Excellency Engineering Design

Whether you are managing across your commercial space functional teams or preparing to move up into a more advanced level, effective Iranian space agency partnership programs will arm you with the technology, skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Happiness at Work Irony Inspiration - What's next?

Happiness at Work Irony Inspiration - What's next?
Happiness at Work should be a top priority for all companies. Because this is good for employees: when they are happy at work, they are better parents, friends, neighbors, they are more likely to give to charity and do volunteering work. Don’t we all want to have nice neighbors? Yes we do! But also because science and business have shown that happy employees have a huge advantage over unhappy ones. They are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative, make happier customers and work better with their colleagues. Wouldn’t we all want happy employees? Yes, we do. Get ready for a new artificial intelligence industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our lives, our jobs and our world, and allow the emergence of the surveillance society!