International day of Persia
CONFIRMED guidance and seeking solution through good mind ...

A special memorial ceremony recommendation for the ancient civilized world of "the" largest empire in history of mankind. A large scale inter governments opportunity for the serious environmental awareness by developing guidance and seeking solution through the good mind ethical approach ...

This is also an awareness attempt to put an end to the authority of a person, corporate or government by rebelling in infringement of the Cultural Relativism of PARS.ORG Domain Name, and .PARS Registry Agreement in ICANN (.PARS Domain Registration), a Persian intellectual property right worldwide.

PARS.ORG domain name at the present time does not represent the cultural relativism slogan for the Medes, PARS and Parthian PARS bloodline interconnection communities of Iranian plateau native tribes and .PARS Registry Agreement in ICANN does not represent an official Iranian heritage organization or an Iranian IP ecosystem network business structure.

PARS.CARE and MOBI offer - A fair share of our ethical ancient morals to be re-applied by using the technology to our daily lives.

Lets reference back to certain Persian principles that describes a collection of standards, conventions, and guidelines for developing effective transparency and service delivery. It is based on unchangeable, proven principles that will lead to the cause of a greater good to connect the dots, understand and work with the correct business continuity and experience of PARS global holistic intellectual property ecosystem, Persian business R&D.