A fair share of our ethical ancient morals to be re-applied by using the technology to our daily lives.

The age of partnerships and collaboration

Increasingly it appears that for companies trying to carve out a niche in the FDI sector, partnering is no longer merely a viable option, but a business necessity.

Find out about the new progressive Pan-Iranist political style and how we meet our PARS global audience ideals during the 26th century of the official Persian calendar by green party tips, role of IT in environment, the true Iran history intelligence transparency and emotional intelligence, Pan-iranist progressive presentation for the 1st time and more
Susa was the hottest city in the world with a maximum temperature of 51.4 degrees on Sunday, July 20, this year.

In these days, the southern weather currents will increase the humidity and sultry occurrence, especially in the coastal Persian gulf and central areas of the province.

Royal City of Susa
Ancient Near Eastern Treasures in the Louvre, facilitated by Naser al-Din Shah Qajar!

Spirit of the wild of a Persian prince to be king of all modern Persia

Instinct Teamwork Credibility vs. Sociology