Spenta Mainyu GATHA, Song 13, 178th Day
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Dear Prince Reza Pahlavi,

It's good to hear that you decided to invest on a non-profit organization, not affiliated with any political or non-political organization with strong emphasis on transparency as a fundamental principle of such Iranian organization and kind of work to be done.

Of course, Iran deserves a better political aura, no doubt about that! The current Islamic Republic Ascertainment Supervision for the century old parliament system has failed many times to create a healthy political environment to be vested again in the election of parliament members, who are elected for a term of four years, may Phoenix project deliver a proper scientific platform to address the fault of internal political tolerance national support of different parties, people are not happy about that at all, they argue there is no party at all with a proper definition in action.

Based on my personal observation and experience, I classify the enemies of Iran in 3 major groups based on racism with historic competency beliefs, religion as a cause of an ambiguous pride, and economic competency rooted in jealousy.

Not having a healthy political aura has caused continuous weakness of the authority and capability management in any Iranian government after the death of Lotf Ali Shah Zand. This summary should make the Phoenix project of Iran to organize defence for each type of enemy, we do really have and they are not imaginary!

IRIB in Iran complains that most of parliamentary legislations are not implemented properly and nobody knows why government plays so weak! What they do not mention freely is the fact that not having proper political party platform cause developing weak governments in all layers from provincial to foreign policy intelligence! Who are responsible for this unforgiven historic mistakes?

People who read this open letter, should remember the fact that Zand dynasty never had even a quarter of the military power of Nader Shah, but at the same time established political authority good enough to relate the political subject matter mentioned above!
The bilingual Phoenix project of Iran website, the text in Farsi and English do not exactly match words that makes a huge difference in the meaning of mission statement and other contents, it needs more attention anyway!

I was expecting some real work and credits to be introduced here in Toronto! For example, Phoenix Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services is now available! If it is about delivering a message, why don't you acquire a domain name like PARS.ORG for such a phoenix message delivery! It needs proper investment on a good cloud infrastructure platform and then ask IT architect volunteers to customize the service for Phoenix user experts to develop organizational connection built, identity and knowledge sharing joint services in different layers! 

Having this open letter published here is another reason to express how important is the IP for modern business environment, I would like to redirect dear readers to an announcement made by the Canadian government, here and learn how important is the IP for the iconic national symbol on the flag of the Swiss federal government, here!

Dear prince Reza, I have recently spent time and carefully watched the Iranian opposition TV programs, after the severe U.S sanctions on the country and as I value my time, I do like to come up with an observation here that may be helpful for all readers who appreciate variety of opinions. 

First things first, no group has any idea what does it mean to have respect for the usage of iconic royal flags of Persia during last 300 years ago by which it is clear the parliament, should make an official announcement and define the difference between the  term of national flag and a royal dynasty flag that can be used independently within a royal bloodline to honour rightfully the iconic intellectual property better than anyone else!

For example, Who and why give permission to Maryam Rajavi to use the Gajar dynasty flag for her organization? or why whoever wants to call themselves an opposition of the Iranian government do the same thing? Everyone should play by the rules of intellectual property no matter what! It is my personal opinion, I insist!

I would also like to require information for public about the Alireza Meybodi working in PARS TV at the present time in the U.S. Based on what principles he had been chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder with your mother in your father military funeral ceremony day in Egypt and why he does not talk directly about his line of ancestry freely to the public and what does he keep hiding about my line of ancestry, it's over to hide the Zand dynasty royal secrets, or I call it a betrayal, to the prosperity of the Zand dynasty bloodline itself, I insist! 

Based on the basics of psychology and sociology common sense, if  the current Islamic Republic Ascertainment Supervision is suddenly lifted and the political aura in Iran open space for actual educated people between the age of 35 to 55 with strong support in different layers of academic, business and government, what do you expect about people feeling victory in the political common sense and how do you think that they will react later to the opposition groups who have supported the sanctions and for how long they remember that! 

This is a very calculated observation, I dare all of them (opposition groups) to put themselves in the situation and answer the question, although the U.S government policy makers easily can come up with an answer, I see why not try to understand why to prolong the risk of a short time policy into long term which is not beneficial to anyone! It may never happen, but it is a possibility!

I can help with the Art of organizational Transformation Change for Phoenix Project of Iran which is poorly choice of the name for such a job that needs authorization and authentication logins (two tier ERP recommended) on top of an official IP Infrastructure design with well known global identity, easy to remember and straightforward!
I don't like debate about the name as such you can reference to the preface of the book, Persia the immortal Kingdom signed by your father, it's more legendary to be scientific, lets face it.

PARS Global Royal Tip of The Claim For Good 

  • Official Zoroastrian Court for "the" New Symbolic Royal House is Recommended
  • One millennium year old Arab family immigrants and other centuries old central Asian tribe immigrants had their time and chance for the crown enough already!
  • The DNA structure who will build the royal house bloodline apart from being a Zoroastrian or being dependent to a royal house bloodline good enough to make a claim should only fall within the pure space design DNA combination of ethnic groups of Iran, the native Persians. *
  • The discussion about two millennium years old immigrant children of Iran can be followed perfectly with the new scientific and Zoroastrian approach and decision.

* Everyone has the right to know about his or her real ancestors family tree! The traditional tribal approach in power and politics during last couple of husdred years ago most specifically related to the royal tip of the claim may be well elevated to what is recommended above and makes a more mature human relation in social level and relation with the scientific DNA classification of each person to become also available for public in private personal and/or public family trees online. This doesn't mean that our traditional tribal approach has no application in a modern society! The tourism industry and the native cultural education, life style, and minority language preservation, too valuable to be forgotten!

PARS Global require about native Persian tax exemption and a one-time official apology from any elected government due to obvious countless human rights violations recorded in Persian history timeline. 

People believe it or not, TRUST would be the assessment made by a non-political group of elites who care about the bloodlines I carry with sincerity, reliability and competence (Instinct Credibility Discovery) among the most famous iconic people in Iranian history during last 300 years ago and beyond. This is not an endorsement but a scientific and social well calculated approach empowered by promises of dead and living never broken.

Mama always told me not to look at into the eyes of the sun, but mama! That's where all the fun is! 

Today is 2019-08-01. The foreign prime minister of Iran is listed under the U.S worldwide sanctions! Here is the irony to have this event in PARS Global open letter to the prince that based on the title of the page, should here we take full responsibility of the foreign ministry of Iran for north American businessmen? 

I guess not! I do understand the principles of PARS.GLOBAL blog is truly an outline of major foreign policy of an old Iranian dynasty bloodline opinion, lets call it "KOLAH FARANGI II" but it's not an active alternative at the present time. I really got drunk later, hope nobody read what came after, I deleted it! LOL

I mentioned something about the video chat mihantv1 broadcast that I watch about only one or two month and listen to their opposition insights to overcome regime change challenge in Iran. I would like to stress my concern about the fact that I am not educated in politics but I do understand the regime change has no meaning without having a proper political infrastructure in place for smart patriotic Iranians outside or inside the country!

You need to understand the practice of politics starts with having young politicians learn the basics of capability management within the boundary of the patriotic party they have sworn to serve! The development of a learning platform is more essential than chat over worldwide events without discussing in a certain political party, that's what mihantv1 is all about! You need to figure out which way is going forward in training the young politicians who will eventually establish different patriotic political parties or re-design the dead parties - not personal insights by which some are really good and some silly in case which direction you look at them! 

I send my best wishes to the brave 14 political activist inside Iran who have signed a letter of declaration of a state of emergency of their own point of view for the political system change called Islamic Republic explicitly these days! The value to make from inside Iran override most opposition parties outside Iran struggling with millions of dollars based on the continuity management concepts, I hardly recognize to be legit comparing to Afshar and Zand dynasties "trustfulness" principles combined with the true blood Persian modern approach! 

Building trust is easier for people like me if it is launched 100% based from inside Iran. We'll see the reaction of supreme leader and government of Iran soon enough and what do they have to respond without jumping on religious principles to manipulate a scientific social and political response!

Some of the 14 political activists got arrested yesterday. It was obvious that will happen! I understand some of them have been complaining being attacked in streets before getting arrested! This personal assaults on soft political announcements should end otherwise violence become normal on both ends! It is so bizarre to get arrested to stay safe - but it is happening all the time! There is no solution unless the culture of political tolerance overrides semi mafia reaction behaviour who can't hold on the self control above the religious stimulant experts! You need to treat this behaviour and review the lessons that are within the Persian timeline forever! 

Best Regards and Fair Winds, 

Ali Vosoughrad
Pincipal at iPuzzlebiz

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Ethical Approach of Lifting All The Sanctions on Iran, The Timeline

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