Technology business development solutions by using Captive services business model.

- Establish your IP framework
- Build trust and credibility
- Align sales engineering needs with the FDI strategic goals
- Analyze risks and opportunities
- Calculate ROI and get compelling FDI business cases

- Secure the FDI resources you need

Take the plunge, triggering the long-awaited gold rush in Iran IT / ICT services and infrastructure opportunities and captive services FDI.

Working together to provide best-of-breed solutions

Captive services and functions are portions of business process outsourcing (BPO) that are performed by a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company instead of foreign provider or a foreign division or a third party vendor.

Gain the Captive Outsourcing insights you need to empower the FDI with reliable, customizable, robust and technology enabled Captive services contracts. Obtaining the desired effect, result and the cost savings of using offshore resources, while maintaining complete control over the business processes and delivery models.

Distributing the work to more than one vendor encourages competition and enhances the quality of deliverables. In addition, it minimizes the risk associated with using a single third-party offshoring partner that could go out of business during the terms of an IT Captive contract.

FDI Technology Advisor Consulting 

A FDI Technology Advisor can help you drive through the following factors that makes the selection of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Captive Services

The trade-off between the desired cost savings and the degree of operational risk

- Contributions to the core business processes
- Contributions to the supplementary business processes
- Degree of control and desired cultural alignment with the offshore facility
- Degree of flexibility and scalability required
- Required speed of execution
- Data Warehousing

FDI Technology Advisor partner solution, services and support are the reason why their partners are today's choice of top businesses worldwide, for greater: 


that can bring to your FDI and exporting process. To find out how your business can benefit from a FDI Technology Advisor innovative partner solution advisor programs, check out types of captive partnerships negotiation they provide! 

The unique combination of a FDI Technology Advisor captive services potential, capabilities and their partners’ global reach and innovative technologies provides a compelling opportunity for the foreign direct investment mutual target markets.

Strategic captive outsourcing alliance - Hardware, Software and IT Services FDI

Strategic Alliance (such as global/local Independent Software Vendor (ISV)s, SIs and component manufacturers retailer/reseller, sponsorship and/or channel and/or promotional partners) allows technology channel partners to generate a contract workflow for their foreign direct investment (FDI) services and /or entire stakeholder base. A FDI Technology Advisor can provide private label captive services opportunities specific to your needs.

FDI Technology Advisor should be able to translate service provider's performance optimization goals into measurable initiatives that is meaningful to technology partners, and then help to achieve those goals.  
FDI Technology Advisor negotiate particularly with respect to the contract type (Fixed-price FP, Cost-plus-fixed fee CPFF, Fixed-price-incentive-fee FPIF and Cost-plus-incentive-fee CPIF), patents and key contract elements to consider the use of new models in live business operations.  

Private label captive outsourcing

iPuzzlebiz will provide a private labeled version of strategic alliance on the outsourcer's consulting engineering firm and/ or FDI department. Find out more about patterns of captive outsourcing expertise - Build an Organization That’s Ready for Change.

We're looking for people that are extremely organized and are motivated to engage in captive services into a global green empowered FDI business.

Persian Gulf captive co branding

Persian gulf co-branding partnership with iPuzzlebiz is designed to allow companies to enjoy all the FDI Technology IT advisory, contracting and technology partner services to their FDI department and /or stakeholder base.

You will be presented with the joint offering via a specific partner "jump" consulting sessions that can be readily tailored to suit enterprise requirements for captive services in-house workshops in Iranians shores of Persian Gulf and Coasts.

Technology Captive Services Partner

In order to provide the best service available and maintain our promise to provide an easy to use yet professional IT captive services advisory and contracting services, a FDI Technology Advisor continues to pursue "best of breed" technology partners.

Contract Type Sequencing - Business Plan

Obtaining the desired effect, result and the cost savings of using offshore resources, while maintaining complete control over the business processes and delivery models.

Captive services and functions are portions of BPO that are performed by a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company instead of foreign provider or a foreign division or a third party vendor.

Reduced Dependence on the Third-party and Increased Dependence on Internal Resources

The key question for businesses that have already made the decision to outsource is whether to set-up an offshore subsidiary or to contract virtual teams. (third-party-outsourcing)

- Third-party vendors score better on negotiating facilities lease prices and logistics as they are well aware of, and have more leverage in, the local market scenario. 

- The overheads and infrastructure costs are distributed across multiple clients as third-party vendors work for several clients at the same time.

Captive Outsourcing and Cultural Advantages to Bring People Together

With the increased public concerns over offshoring, offshore companies have responded by entering different markets with subsidiaries and joint venture projects. Because the business is responsible for creating its own company culture, procedures and data security, it has maximum control over the offshore subsidiary including intellectual property.

It may be easier to integrate the offshore subsidiary by transferring processes and procedures from its parent company. Outsourcers who open and/or expand Captive services and facilities to facilitate nearshore services for their clients, will also grab the opportunity to be seen as having particular advantages in this regard, because of providing a better ethnic mix in doing business and establish more closed cultural linkages in doing business.

Nearshoring Model where Security is Critical

In some regards, BPO Captive Services empowers the model of nearshoring. A good example is the integration of security and surveillance where security is critical.

The strategy is to outsource component technologies to companies already specializing in specific security and surveillance equipment, while outsourcer develops its own necessary technology and integrates security systems for large projects, from design to installation.

Captive Outsourcing brings responsibility - Our company is about quality motto

A corporate subsidiary and/or a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) and/or a limited-liability company with its equity interests entirely owned by a foreign or local investor may prefer to service the problems themselves, if anything goes wrong.

FDI is mostly all about building trust and credibility. One FDI activity must always have a call-to-action towards another initiative so you are providing opportunity for stakeholders to buy-in to your community.


At iPuzzlebiz, we differ. We offer credit and prestige for IT / ICT services and infrastructure sales engineering opportunities for FDI with certain conditions, only for a limited time.

To be part of, view or follow updates, tangible and intangible insights about the new services, promotions, cooperation, promises to extend, lifetime opportunities, deserved offerings, projects and/or FDI partnership programs to be proud of:

Please fill out your information on "the" form and include a brief description of conditions how do you like to move in Iran and which global banks you need to finance long-term deals. Once submitted, IPuzzlebiz Principal will contact you to discuss the opportunity! More Information

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A key concept in Economics Security and Management

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Global Effects and The Persian Strategic Response to good choices for investment includes: Energy and Mining, IT and ICT, Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Nano, Auto-Manufacturing, Electricity, Steel, Cement, Tourism and Transportation infrastructure.

Technology License Sell Events
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IT companies thrive in Iran because of a highly educated workforce, an environment of innovation, and low business costs.

The context of IT investment provides insights into the competitive environment, leading to a method for measuring IT payoff. Such contextual information can also assist in determining the granularity of the data needed for analysis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

FDI Consulting Firms are always interested to cooperate with import-export agencies with plans for expanding educational facilities and service business in sustainable development market sector in particular the small industries and industrial parks organizations.

Our event inquiry form is used by the partner solution advisor support team to have a well-detailed information regarding your inquiries for your investment options. Your information is used in order to have a successful event.

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