Technology Captive Services Contract Components 

- Project Signature Time Frame
- Eco Friendly Signature Timing Diagrams
- Technology Change Management Timing Diagrams
- Deployment and Development Timing Diagrams
- Personnel Continuity Timing Diagrams
- Data Continuity Timing Diagrams
- Perceived Net Value or Estimate of Technology Transformation
- Perceived Net Value or Estimate of Technology Transition
- Impact of Intellectual Property Framework in Time
- Impact of Change Diagrams
- Associated Self Efficacies of Service Providers and the Outsourcer Risk(s)

Take the plunge, triggering the long-awaited gold rush in Iran IT / ICT services and infrastructure opportunities and captive services FDI.  
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Organizational understanding of captive outsourcing objectives (Required Field)

- Partnership Type
- Project Roadmap Milestones
- Core Business Description
- Company Revenue
- Annual Revenue
- % of Software Sales
- % of Hardware / Appliance Sales
- % of Professional Services
- Markets Served
- Primary Market Served
- Size of Typical Target Company (# of employees)
- Countries Doing Business In
- Competitive Products
- Captive Project Planning
- Captive Requirements Management
- Captive Subcontract Management
- Proactive Captive Lifecycle Resource Management
- Captive Project Tracking and Monitoring
- Captive Training Programs
- Captive Personnel Continuity Management
- Required Resource Reusability Strategy
- Percent of project devoted to SOA (service, manpower and locations)
- Networked IT Structure Cost Estimation
- SOA Cost and Patent Estimation
- Service Subcontract Management
- Percent of project devoted to Outsourcing (service, manpower and locations)
- Captive Project Tracking and Oversight
- Organizational Process Definition
- License Policy and Strategy
- In-house Intellectual Property Framework Design
- Required Software Reliability
- Perceived Intellectual Property Impact
- Perceived Usefulness of the new Technology
- Perceived Ease of use of the new Technology
- Requirements Management Reliability with Budget Status Updates
- Leasing Flexibility Strategy
Core Process Improvement Costs (Software, Hardware and Infrastructure Installation Fees) and Core Process Maintenance Costs (Software Update, Hardware and Infrastructure Patents)
- Core process Risk Management Plan (RMP)
- Critical Risk Items in RMP
- Supplementary Process Improvement Costs (Installation Fees)
- Supplementary Process Maintenance Costs (Patents)
- Interactive Multimedia Service Assessment (Feature Points)
- Site collocation support
- Offshore and/or Nearshore Onpremise Cost and Patent Estimations
- Cloud and/or Hosted Cost and Patent Estimations
- Hardware Planning Required Documentation
- Captive On-premises Data Centers
- Quantitative Process Management
- Big Data Requirements Planning
- Required Data Reliability (BI and Analytics)
- Hardware Pricing (Hidden, Intangible, Other)
- Configuration Management
- Defect Prevention
- Required Middleware Hardware Reliability
- Platform for Distribution Operations
- Platform for Parallelism Operations
- Platform for Embeddedness Operations
- Platform for Realtime Operations
- Platform Volatility
- Required Storage Hardware Reliability
- Wideband Electronic Communication Reliability
- Hardware and Network Assessment (Infrastructure Metrics)
- Data Management Operations
- Data Control Operations
- Data Reveal Security Policy
- Device dependent Operations
- Computational Operations
- Hardware Maintenance Costs (Hidden, Intangible, Other + Patents)
- Hardware Benchmark (Server, Network, Other)
- Hardware and Physical Infrastructure Patent Strategy
- O.S. and Virtualization Patent Strategy
- Software Planning Required Documentation
- Software Subcontract Management
- ERP and Monolithic Systems
- User interface Management Operations
- Apps and APIs
- Software Sizing (Function Points, FPA, Use Case Points, Other)
- BPM Cost and Patent Estimation
- Software Product Engineering Timing Diagrams
- Software Quality Management
- Required Software Reusability
- Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Timing Diagrams
- Software Quality Assurance
- Technology Transition Model (TTM) Timing Diagrams
- Technology Change Flexibility Ratio Diagrams
- Database Patent Strategy
- Data Model Design and Development Strategy

Public Sector Options (Required Field)

Business Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Email Security Protocols and Layers
Document Management / Process Support /Archiving
Electronic Government
Electronic Participation /eInclusion
eTendering /Cross-platform Tendering
Financial Management
Geo-information Systems
IT Security/Cyber Defence/Public Key Infrastructure
IT Management /IT Controlling
Public Safety and Internal Security
Open Data/Open Government
Personnel Management
Shared Service Centers
Social Media
Web x.0

Business IT Options (Required Field)

Business Transformation
Cloud Services
IT-Services/Managed Services/ Outsourcing
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Intralogistics Software Solutions
Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics
Business Process Management (BPM)
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Human Resource Management (HR)
Logistics Software Solutions
Point of Sale (POS)
Embedded Software & Systems
Open Source Solutions
Software & System Management
Mailing & Office Solutions
Output Management /Input Management
Business Storage & Server Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Computing

Professional & Public Infrastructure Options (Required Field)

Next Generation Networks (NGN)
Network Components
Data Center Technologies & Solutions
Telematics & Automotive
IoAT Solutions
Intelligent Transport Systems
Machine-to-Machine Communication
Smart Infrastructure
Urban Solutions
Smart Home

Health & Prevention Options (Required Field)

AAL (Ambient Assisted Living)
Apps in the Healthcare Sector
eHealth/Mobile Health
Healthcare Management
Home Care Systems
Innovative Technologies for Health & Quality of Life
Generation 60+

Hardware & Multimedia Solutions Options (Required Field)

Display Technologies
Computer, PC
Next level S3D (Hardware & Software, Applications)
Cases, Coolers, Power Supplies
Graphics & Sound
Mobile & Personal Storage
Mobile Phone Accessories - Accessories & Bags
Visual & Audio Technologies, Imaging
Consumer Electronics
Mobile Devices - Tablets
Mobile Devices - Smartphones
Mobile Devices - Netbooks
Mobile Devices - Portable Gadgets

New Technologies & Ventures Options (Required Field)

Law, Standardization, Regulation
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Investment & Funding
Future Internet - Internet of Things/of Services
Future Internet - Industry 4.0
Future Internet - Semantic Web
Future Internet - Open Cloud Technologies
3D Technologies
Robotics, Humanoids, Game- and Servicerobots
Urban Visions
Life in Danger/Disaster Management
Assisted Living
Efficiency/Green ICT Technologies

Innovation & Skill Management Options (Required Field)

Innovation Sourcing
Describe your technology-ies
Business Communications & Networks
Broadband Technologies & Solutions
Next Generation Networks (NGN)
IP Technologies/VoIP/SIP
Network Components
Unified Communication
Wireless Communication
Mobile Solutions

Reseller Options (Required Field)

Component and specialty distributors
Systems houses, integration and service providers
Purchasing co-ops
Value Added Retailer

Solutions for the Digital Lifestyle Options (Required Field)


Research & Visions Options (Required Field)

Universities, Technology Institutes
Corporate Research
Applied Research
Basic Research
Global Hightech Cluster
Elite Universities, Top Institutes

Webciety and Internet Solutions Options (Required Field)

Digital Marketing
Web Content Management
Social Media/Social Business
Mobile Services & Apps
Web Hosting & Cloud Services
Describe your technology-ies / opportunity-ies
Speciality Hardware Solutions
Hardware drivers
Embedded Security Solutions

Security World Options (Required Field)

Physical Infrastructure Security
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Solutions
Card Technology
Cloud Security
Managed Security Services
Network Security
Video Surveillance
Mobile Security
IT-/IP-based Security
Banking & Finance

Company Information (Required Field)

- Products and/or services (current and future)
- Parent company and subsidiaries and their locations
- Number of employees
- Annual sales and/or profits for the last several years
- Potential for growth of the firm and of its industry as a whole
- Position in the industry; major competitors
- Organizational structure and management style or philosophy
- Corporate mission or vision statement

AND other info such as Philosophy on training, development, tuition assistance, and other employee programs, Recent news stories about the firm (expansion, new contract, recent acquisition, new product line) ...

Briefly describe all your technology-ies / opportunity-ies in a nutshell (Required Field)

A key concept in Economics Security and Management

Ethical Approach of Lifting All The Sanctions on Iran, The Timeline

Global Effects and The Persian Strategic Response to good choices for investment includes: Energy and Mining, IT and ICT, Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Nano, Auto-Manufacturing, Electricity, Steel, Cement, Tourism and Transportation infrastructure.

Technology License Sell Events
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IT companies thrive in Iran because of a highly educated workforce, an environment of innovation, and low business costs.

The context of IT investment provides insights into the competitive environment, leading to a method for measuring IT payoff. Such contextual information can also assist in determining the granularity of the data needed for analysis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

FDI Consulting Firms are always interested to cooperate with import-export agencies with plans for expanding educational facilities and service business in sustainable development market sector in particular the small industries and industrial parks organizations.

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