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PARS Prestigious Care Insurance for 3D Smart House Print R&D

- Learn how care of the natural environment contributes to economic
- Care about the impact of the built environment on health
- Align natural environment needs with the built environment strategic goals
- Analyze risks and opportunities
- Calculate ROI and get compelling 3D smart house print use cases

- Secure the insurance resources you need

PERSIA, THE IMMORTAL KINGDON - Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds to be with You in the Age of Digital and Structural Ceramics ...

The future of Iran is in the hands of its junior citizens. Here young scientists keep abreast of technical progress ... 


Get in on the action with PARS.CARE Prestige!

PARS.CARE Domain Name itself reflects the high importance of the occasion it commemorates and tries to preserve!

The Achaemenian empire unified the whole of western Asia, which enjoyed administration under central control, good means of transport and communication, and a balanced system of tax collection.. These.. institutions of the Achaemenian civilization were to have a lasting impact on other countries (Satrapies of the Empire of Darius I)

Created exclusively for senior managers, directors and vice presidents in government, corporate and public sectors. Enhance your capabilities in taking care of the natural environment, built environment and people to a senior level in the following critical areas:

- Coaching Skills
- Business Governance
- Financial Planning

- Innovation and Change Skills
- Strategic Planning and Problem Solving

- Global Business Perspective
- Employee Productivity and Engagement

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Improving the environment by managing mobility. Mobility management is an innovative demand-oriented approach that affects travel habits and road user behaviour.

The transport of goods and people is a pre-condition if society, organizations and businesses are to work efficiently. At the same time, transport has a significant level of environmental impact, energy consumption and the CO2 emissions. Various types of measures are needed to influence the transport sector ...

Who should attend "the" PARS.CARE program

PARS Prestigious Care Insurance for 3D Smart House Print R&D Leadership Competencies: What Senior Managers Need to Know is recommended for managers and executives with years of management experience who seek national level and/or global leadership competencies.

- Senior managers from all industry sectors including military
- Vice-presidents and divisional heads
- Business directors and officers
- Experienced public administration in national. provincial municipal government
- National, regional and international business unit managers
- General managers and branch managers
- Executive directors of associations and NGO's
- Business development specialists

Summary of Competencies

- Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
- Change Leadership and Innovation
- Financial Leadership: Building Successful Business Cases
- Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Organizational Growth
- Effective Corporate Governance and Risk Management
- Competing Effectively in the Global Economy
- Creating High-Performance Workplaces
- In-depth knowledge of the INDEX, page 222/3/4 of the book, Persia the Immortal Kingdom

Other eligibility options to acquire PARS domain names

If you are the R&D corporate director or investments lead of an institute or hospital in
Iranian Plateau (preferably in the Parse region of Masjed Soleyman or east of Kerman - the BAM region or Kazerun, FARS or the Rey, in the vicinity of modern Tehran, with at least 300 bed, and use of radioisotopes in medicine and nuclear medicine procedures for diagnosis, and
your brand name contains the "Gundeshapur" or "Avicenna" international historical identification index keywords in healthcare industry, you really deserve to have this domain name!


Exclusively, the Hospital's School of Nuclear Medicine Technology and Molecular Imaging Radiology. Our strategy with respect to environmental care also makes us consider the environmental health care organization and natural environment conservation campaigns as a candidate who can apply for this domain name.


If you are responsible for the law and regulatory compliance of a telecommunication company, president or CEO in Iranian Plateau with at least 3 Tier 4 data centers and your brand name contains the "Khwarizmi" or "Khayyam" international historical identification index keywords in mathematical societies, you may place your bid to buy this domain name.

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Britain's Prince Charles Expresses Hopes Of Visiting Iran

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, said in a newspaper interview that he would like to make an official visit to Iran, calling it "such an important part of the world." "Yes, obviously I would like to [go to Iran]," The Sunday Times quoted him as saying in an interview to be published on January 26.

A key concept in Economics Security and Management

Ethical Approach of Lifting All The Sanctions on Iran, The Timeline

Global Effects and The Persian Strategic Response to good choices for investment includes: Energy and Mining, IT and ICT, Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Nano, Auto-Manufacturing, Electricity, Steel, Cement, Tourism and Transportation infrastructure.

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IT companies thrive in Iran because of a highly educated workforce, an environment of innovation, and low business costs.

The context of IT investment provides insights into the competitive environment, leading to a method for measuring IT payoff. Such contextual information can also assist in determining the granularity of the data needed for analysis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

FDI Consulting Firms are always interested to cooperate with import-export agencies with plans for expanding educational facilities and service business in sustainable development market sector in particular the small industries and industrial parks organizations.

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Whether you are managing across your commercial space functional teams or preparing to move up into a more advanced level, effective Iranian space agency partnership programs will arm you with the technology, skills and knowledge you need to succeed.