A fair share of our ethical ancient morals to be re-applied by using the technology to our daily lives.

Cultural Relativism and Selected FDI Competencies including Knowledge × Skills × Attributes × Ethics

International day of Persia
CONFIRMED guidance and seeking solution through good mind ...

A special memorial ceremony recommendation for the ancient civilized world of "the" largest empire in history of mankind.

A large scale inter governments opportunity for the serious environmental awareness by developing guidance and seeking solution through the good mind ethical approach.

Working together to provide best-of-breed solutions

- Learn how care of the natural environment contributes to economic
- Care about the impact of the built environment on health
- Align natural environment needs with the built environment strategic goals
- Analyze risks and opportunities
- Calculate ROI and get compelling 3D smart house print use cases
- Secure the insurance resources you need

PERSIA, THE IMMORTAL KINGDOM - Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds to be with You in the Age of Digital and Structural Ceramics ...


Who should attend "the" PARS pilot development programs
- Senior managers from all industry sectors including military
- Vice-presidents and divisional heads
- Business directors and officers
- Experienced public administration in national. provincial municipal government
- National, regional and international business unit managers
- General managers and branch managers
- Executive directors of associations and NGO's
- Business development specialists

Summary of Competencies

- Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
- Change Leadership and Innovation
- Financial Leadership for Building Successful FDI Business Cases
- Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Organizational Growth
- Effective Corporate Governance and Risk Management
- Competing Effectively in the Global Economy
- Creating High-Performance Workplaces
- PARS Prestigious Care Insurance for the 3D Smart House Print R&D
- R&D Leadership Competencies
- In-depth knowledge of the INDEX, page 222/3/4 of the book, Persia the Immortal Kingdom
- Military grade patriotic passion for the 19th of June Click here

Eligibility options to acquire PARS domain names

Better yet, see us in person! The future of Iran is in the hands of its junior citizens. Here young scientists keep abreast of technical progress ...
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